Software localization is the translation and adaptation of your user interface and its components (online help, user documentation) into another language. This process provides better use of your products by your clients as it offers locally relevant multilingual materials. Localizing your software interface will therefore make you stand out from your competitors and increase your market share globally.

To facilitate the extraction of texts for translation in software files, Word Class may use specific tools adapted to the localization process. These tools separate the translatable text from coding and require a certain level of technical expertise. Our expert translators know how to translate single, isolated words and short phrases by linking them to their context and the features to which they are connected. The length of translated items varies from one language to another and involves resizing text and dialog boxes.

Our linguists and project managers have the technical and linguistic expertise in your domain and will assist you in the pre-production phase of your project. Our multilingual teams will provide you with a fully localized interface, allowing you to simultaneously launch your product across the globe (SIMSHIP).

Here are a few tips:
  • Always send us your software’s user documentation, even if it does not need translating immediately. This documentation serves as practical reference material and helps our linguists better understand the features of your application in their context.
  • Where possible, use the most standardized development language and tools available on the market.
  • Do not use too many abbreviations or too much technical jargon; this may lead to a misunderstanding of the source text and delay our translators.
  • In the project’s pre-production phase, we will provide you with a glossary for validation. Your validation is a crucial stage in the project. The quicker this is done, the more consistent your translation terminology will be.
  • In user documentation, use pictograms for all repeated text instead (Warning, Note, Advice…), meaning fewer words that will need translating! All you then have to do is insert a legend at the start of the document.