Moving your content localization to a fully cloud-based platform - seamlessly connected to your enterprise content repositories - will allow you to gain further efficiencies. These include faster multilingual content delivery, higher cost savings beyond TM leveraging and superior content quality. The entire localization process is now managed on the platform with configurable workflows supported by auto-generation of notifications at scheduled milestones. The localization process is viewable via customizable dashboards. TransForm includes its own quality assurance module with translation memories and glossary databases at the center of the platform. Translation memories and glossaries are the undisputed property of the client. These linguistic assets are available through a secure online portal with role-specific access rights.

Main features of TransForm for Translation Buyers are:

    • Seamlessly connected to your enterprise content database - CMS, marketing software, FTP/SFTP and file/content repositories
    • Open standards, fully cloud-based
    • Shared management and full data ownership
    • ISO-9001 certified project management platform
    • Increased efficiency through high-performance workflow and reduced project and QA lead-time
    • Increased global and brand consistency. Shared, clean and up-to-date linguistic assets
    • One platform for all translation vendors
    • Additional cost savings on top of TM leverage, by sharing all translation assets among all vendors
    • Customized activity reports in one click

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