TransForm allows global companies to move their translation production to a cloud-based platform, allowing them to integrate their translation production with a range of smart cloud-based applications and customized quality assurance methodology. All processes are managed within a single platform with configurable workflows supported by auto-generation of notifications at scheduled milestones, and viewable via customizable dashboards.

Main platform features are:

  • Open standards and fully cloud-based
  • Seamless connection to your Enterprise CMS or file archive
  • Real-time access to one source of approved data (translation memory and term base)
  • Strict management of data ownership by the buyer
  • Shared platform and workspace among all translation vendors and stakeholders. No more manual file transfers and management is required.
  • Collaborative features: real-time messaging
  • Full traceability of all changes made by one and all, no more doubts on who did what to the text

Change to a collaborative process

TransForm is designed to remove redundant manual work which is lacking in proper quality control methods. Many companies experience inadequacies when using silo-dependent legacy systems and believe that the solution would be to move to cloud-based collaborative technology. But the “silo” phenomenon is more than a just technology leap. It is about changing the mindset, as well as collaborative and workflow processes. All stakeholders, including clients and translation providers, should now collaborate on the same platform and workspace.

Platform Workflows

  • TransForm saves time and money spent before (during the project preparation phase) and during projects. All essential terminology can be easily identified and finally added to the approved terms list for future reference in just a few minutes. TransForm’s collaborative features, including its real-time messaging functionality, allow for instant validation of terminology.

Change to a collaborative process.

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