The first thing we like to do when we start working with you is to identify where and how we can really help. A good way to answer this question is to deep dive into your multilingual content. This is what we call a third party content audit. By doing so, we will audit and analyze your multilingual content and provide you with a fair assessment as a trusted third party, looking at what works well and what needs improvement.

When we highlight an area for improvement, we will identify the root causes within your content creation and localization processes. This includes: people, contributors, organization, source content creation processes, content updates, IT architecture, vendor management, translation, quality assurance, linguistic assets, etc. As a next step, we will offer recommendations on how to smooth out your content creation and localization processes to improve the quality of your multilingual output.

During the content audit, we will also look at the Return On Investment (ROI) that is expected from your different content assets (expected sales, target audience, number of page views, downloads, etc.) We know from experience that corporate communication, web pages, marketing collateral, User Interfaces, technical documentation, training materials, legal contracts, and content for internal use do not have the same expected ROI. During this phase, we will:

  • evaluate the quality output you expect from each and every asset
  • set quality metrics in accordance with your content ROI
  • fine-tune the quality assurance and re-work processes that will help you meet your quality objectives

In addition to this, Word Class has developed specific quality evaluation tools that will help you assess the quality of your localized content. Whatever the quality objectives you have defined, our tools will help you decide whether your localized content passes the quality standards or should go to re-work.