Website localization

Word Class' website localization services ensure that your corporate or local website, products & solutions pages and web store convey a consistent and qualitative global brand image and experience. Our linguists and subject matter experts culturally adapt your multilingual content and designs so that they are locally compliant, targeted and impactful.

Here are 7 key Word Class differentiators that will help you be more efficient throughout the localization process:

  1. We first conduct a review to assess your company’s website and the localization elements to be taken into consideration.
  2. As a consequence, back-end localization elements, such as currencies, dates, address formats in addition to SEO metadata, page descriptions, questionnaires, and testimonials are all accurately localized.
  3. We consolidate, validate and share your terminology in real-time across your organization and contributors.
  4. Our Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools efficiently separate the translatable text from the code in all web file formats (HTML, XML, XHTML, etc.), ensuring a smooth integration and display of the localized pages.
  5. Our Translation Platform can seamlessly connect to your CMS platforms and identify content updates. Once translated, the multilingual content is integrated back into your CMS platform.
  6. Our desktop publishing infrastructure efficiently localizes all digital assets: pictures and graphics as well as multimedia files, and our studios dub or subtitle your audio and video streaming.
  7. We can perform a functional or linguistic test of the localized pages on a test server and further integrate updates or elements.


Word Class' e-Learning localization services ensure that at the end of the process, you will get a finalized, global course program that is ready for hosting. This is paramount to meeting your deadlines for the multilingual rollout of the course program. Word Class frequently translates online training modules, content catalogues, and certified courses in multiple domains and languages.

We like to conduct a review of the course content to make sure that images, graphics and audio are editable, culturally adapted and accommodate for text expansion. We will also check for linguistic accuracy and consistency in the source language as it is a key feature of a well-designed, localization-enabled eLearning course.

At the same time, precise and accurate eLearning materials will boost knowledge acquisition. We will therefore help your in-country reviewers consolidate, validate and share multilingual terminology in real-time to get prepared for their review.

Our (CAT) tools efficiently separate the translatable text from the code in all web file formats (HTML, XML, XHTML, etc.) of your online course content, assessment and quiz, ensuring a smooth integration and display in your Learning Management System. When the translation is completed, we will ask your in-country reviewers to sign off localized content, media and script files to prepare for the step-by-step integration and validation of your content in your Learning Management System (LMS).

Our linguists are experienced in reviewing the target language modules, guaranteeing that linguistic and functional correctness will directly perform their quality assurance in your LMS platform.


Word Class’ services include dialogue detection, time code cueing with native speakers, subtitle translation, adaptation and input in all file formats. We offer full simulation of subtitles, transcoding to SD or HD files and inlaying of subtitles. We pay extra attention to the quality of the translation and the reader’s convenience when reading the subtitles on the screen.


Word Class provides experienced linguists in translating video content and offers professional male and female voice talents in a large variety of languages. Our global casting capacity enables us to effectively source voice talents in a whole host of languages and provide you with samples to carefully and effectively select the perfect voice for your target audience.