We work with financial translators who are backed by at least five years’ experience in financial translation, these translators were often previously employed in the finance sector or translators who have worked as employees within a financial institution. A thorough knowledge of corporate finance, your business line terminology and your communication style are key attributes to producing high-quality, multilingual financial reporting. We offer translator profile tests so that you can select the team of translators and proofreaders who will be assisting you over time, with all of your publications.

When translating documents related to incorporation and corporate governance, we provide a multidisciplinary team made up of both financial and legal translation experts.

Specific, dedicated team

This team, assigned to you, includes a project manager, a translator and a proofreader. A third party will ensure final quality control of your publications (comprehensive proofreading, following your specific instructions on terminology and formatting). These teams can be created spanning several time zones to provide you with the responsiveness and flexibility you need to meet the demanding deadlines of your publication agenda.


  • Extracting, creating, and enriching your terminology
  • Financial terminology is consistent with IFRS
  • Glossaries are shared online


  • Reusing content from your peer-reviewed, validated publications within our translation memories. Using these memories allows for reduced translation costs and quicker multilingual publication turnaround time as well as greater terminological consistency.
  • Processing your native documents in InDesign format.
  • Translating and subtitling your video and audio media.


Your dedicated team and each person involved in the project signs a non-disclosure agreement. In accordance with the recommendations of the French Financial Markets Authority, Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), Word Class employees and service providers with access to insider information are contractually obliged to refrain from trading the securities of the company in question or from advising another person to trade the securities.

In addition, our teams share confidential data on a secure FTP site, ensuring secure file transfer and that your data is protected.

Financial content we regularly translate

  • Financial press releases
  • Financial presentations, road shows
  • Financial reports
  • Registration documents
  • Shareholder newsletters
  • Audited accounts
  • Management reports
  • Research, sector analyses, morning flashes, etc.

Corporate Content

Word Class collaborates with translation experts who not only have the required local market and cultural knowledge but can also provide creative translation work. They provide high-quality translations that align with your corporate style and convey the corporate attributes of the source language in the target language. When we translate corporate content, we make sure that we consistently express the brand identity and that our wording is appealing to the local target audience, since customer insights vary from one location to another.

Corporate communication content we regularly translate

  • Corporate websites
  • Press releases
  • Slide shows
  • Annual reports
  • CSR and climate reports
  • Fact sheets
  • Videos, infographics and audiocasts
  • Press kits