• Creating documentation is often a costly process that does not add directly to the bottom line. Our solution saves time and reduces both direct and indirect costs and can generate significant savings.
  • On average, it can reduce the time required to create content by 50%.
  • When existing content is updated, it is possible to achieve over 80% text leverage from past translations.

This solution can be accessed through a SaaS model or through a hosted server and is able to integrate existing systems (GED, ERP, CRM and more) while letting you create and publish multilingual content in your preferred format (PDF, web-based, mobile). The platform is easy to access and can be tailored to produce content for the needs of every department within your organization, including technical documentation, white papers, engineering specs, marketing briefs and more.

This platform is able to separate content out from format making it easier for those authoring documentation to focus on content only.

Our solution creates and gives structure to documents by making it possible to bring individual modules together. Modules can be reused on an infinite number of projects and can be divided into the most basic elements of communication: chapters, sections, subsections, photos, illustrations and links, as well as video and audio content and more.

An integrated workflow enables all project stakeholders (writers, translators, subject matter experts, editors, proofreaders, QA specialists and others) to monitor and manage the various tasks related to document production.

The platform makes it possible to integrate your company’s processes and client solutions with our translation system. The technology:

  • enables content to be reused, starting from a single, common source
  • optimizes task management and creation
  • compresses the timeline required to create document content
  • reduces the number of QA cycles required to finalize documentation
  • improves a company’s image by ensuring consistent formats

This solution for producing and disseminating strategic content is easy and convenient to use. To see what our platform can do for you, contact us for a demo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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