Our translation platform is a leading tool available to you for publishing multilingual content. This turnkey solution provides three management components within a single platform:

  1.  Content Management
    • document creation
    • technical writing
    • automated publishing
  2.  Multilingual Project Management
    • project tracking
    • vendor management
    • reporting
  3. Translation Management
    • shared access to linguistic assets
    • collaborative tools in the cloud
    • review and QA in real time

At every step of the publication cycle, the platform provides stakeholders with real-time, secure access in a SaaS environment. This approach encourages innovation in your publishing process and increases its efficiency through the use of collaborative space online. The entire project team–technical writers, project managers, linguists–work together on the same platform within a common workspace.

Translation and project tasks are managed from the platform. You are able to monitor the main performance indicators related to your multilingual publications, including quality (nonconformities, corrections, etc.), responsiveness (schedule tracking and delivery times) and cost savings (as related to direct, indirect and hidden costs). In compliance with our ISO 9001 certification, the platform also includes a quality management system.

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