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Engage with translators specialized in financial markets and responsive project management adapted to financial sector regulations

  • Financial press releases.
  • Slide shows.
  • Financial reports and Universal Registration Documents (URDs).
  • Management reports, consolidated financial statements.
  • Sector-wide research and analysis, macroeconomic studies.
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting.
  • Fund commentaries.
  • RFPs.
  • KIID, prospectuses, annual reports.
  • Websites.

“M&G Investments has been working with Fastnet Translation since many years in many countries. We have always been extremely happy with the service, the professionalism and quality of their translations.“

“Jupiter produces quarterly investment reports across its whole fund range, and these need to be translated into various local market languages. An accurate and fast translation service is essential and so we selected Fastnet Translation. Working closely with Fastnet Translation, and Factbook to develop and utilize a custom API connector, we have now achieved our goal of producing a quality, tailor-made report which adds value to our client base around the world.“

“We are delighted to be working with Fastnet Translation for our translations into English and Dutch. The speed of reaction of the teams and the fast translation turnaround represent genuine added value!“

“DECALIA has been collaborating with Fastnet Translation for several years. Throughout our partnership, we have consistently been impressed with the quality of their services. The professionalism and accuracy of their translations are unmatched, ensuring that our communications are clear and effective in every market we serve.“

"We have been working with Fastnet Translation for several years and we are delighted with their work. The translations submitted are always precise and of high quality, as our project manager has a keen eye for detail and adapts to the tone and style of the documents for translation. We highly recommend their services."