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Championing our native copywriters who repurpose your content to fulfil your brand’s every expectation

"Transcreation" is generally defined as the creative adaptation of a message to a foreign culture or country. It is especially used to reimagine editorial content for marketing, creative, literary and artistic purposes. Relevant content includes titles, slogans, blog posts, ad campaigns, websites, SEO, games, quizzes and interviews, not to mention luxury items, where there is a more pressing need to appeal to the senses and trigger emotions.

At Word Class, we pride ourselves on placing transcreation front and center of our business model. While translation involves in-depth understanding of the source text, transcreation requires a firm grasp of the client’s needs and their brand expectations. To this end, we honor fully synchronized collaboration which is top of mind throughout the transcreation process.

Our top-tier team of linguists analyze the source content before crafting a series of target language adaptations to reflect the client’s exact stylistic and cultural intentions, as communicated in their brief during the project kick-off stage.

Capitalizing on the robustness of our go-to self-service SaaS portal, our clients can share feedback within an instant. As a result, the finalized target language version evokes the requested idiomatic tone of voice while preserving the creativity behind the original message. In adapting your marketing materials, we aspire to recreate your brand identity and image, recycling the most appropriate terminology and style to immediately capture your audience’s attention.

Customer insights depend on the location. In this digital Artificial Intelligence(AI)-powered era, Word Class excels in delivering a unified, multi-channel experience characterized by locally adapted content that engages with one and all.