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Marketing a one-stop-shop platform to validate translated content with your own machine translation (MT) tools and licenses

Is machine translation (MT) top of mind in your organization? Wondering whether to post-edit in-house or outsource? And what of securing your data via a self-service or bespoke portal? No time to proof and validate translated content with your own MT tools and licenses?

Save precious time with our locally adapted solutions to:

  • Edit and validate high-volume content translated with your own MT.
  • Manage your data and run your custom-made platform.
  • Determine your engines by language, topic and sub-topic.
  • Train your devices.

Self-service portal benefits

  • Exclusive access to the best multilingual and bidirectional translation engines.
  • MT accuracy, with exhaustive data corpora geared toward your business sector.
  • Integrated workflow with on-demand post-editing services.
  • Post-editing performed by sector-specific linguists.

Custom-designed portal benefits

  • Tailor-made user experience (UX) and a portal to mirror your brand image.
  • Data integration, scrubbing and anonymization.
  • Selection, configuration and training of market-competitive engines.
  • Automated accuracy tests verified by our linguists.
  • Data-encrypted admin console, enabling frictionless security.
  • Round-the-clock technical and linguistic support.
  • Built-in workflow with on-demand post-editing.

Post-editing is a hybrid solution combining machine translation produced by an engine which is comprehensively reviewed by an expert linguist. This process best applies to internal use documentation; specifically, vast text corpora requiring a tight turnaround and structured, repetitive content, with the need to optimize costs for large-scale projects.

Post-editing (hybrid translation) benefits

  • On-demand service integrated in MT workflow.
  • Engines trained with models that incorporate substantial, high-quality databases.
  • Vetted experts, seasoned in the post-editing process.
  • Optimized costs, minimal deadlines.
  • Data confidentiality safeguarded through specialized, secure infrastructures.
  • Your go-to all-purpose solution to validate streams of in-house content adapted through MT.

Post-editing for financial content

Time after time, our post-editing turns in a 100% accurate and premium translation performance, generating productivity gains. Combined, our package securely translates your financial documentation. The latter include fund prospectuses, key investor information documents (KIID), monthly and quarterly reports and releases, requests for proposals (RFPs), regulatory filings, insurance policies, annual and half-year reports, and last but certainly not least, Universal Registration Documents (URDs).