‘Transcreation' is an active, multi-functional term not found in any of our mainstream dictionaries. This explains the multiple definitions for the term used by translation professionals. Depending on the perspective and expertise of the person interpreting the meaning of ‘transcreation’ and its usage, its definition may vary to include one or more of the following elements:

  • To an advertising man: it means converting a message into another language without losing the message's intended core meaning.
  • To a translator: it means factual translation followed by copywriting.
  • To a corporate communications expert: it means translating content and emotions from one language to another without the content being seen as an outright translation.
  • To a technical documentation manager: it means translating technical contents accurately, ensuring proper localization of the terms and format presentation.

To Word Class, ‘transcreation’ is an integral part of our proven multilingual quality delivery process: translation starts with understanding the source text whereas transcreation starts with understanding the creative client brief. This implies close collaboration between our linguist teams and our clients and their communications' partners.

At Word Class, every aspect of our multilingual delivery is defined according to a framework of uncompromising ‘transcreation’ quality standards:

  • Level 1 standards are applied to all deliveries to ensure that the translated content is as acceptable, readable and comprehensible to targeted native speakers in which the language is to be used.
  • Level 2 standards are applied to deliverables comprising printed and digital content, developed for the purpose of general corporate communications.
  • Level 3 standards are applied to deliverables covering content developed to focus on end purpose selling and marketing.

Apart from the three basic levels as described above, Word Class also provides a special level of ‘transcreation’ service that ensures a thorough transformation from source to target language, focusing on content, language and style, choice of preferred terms, graphics and layout and corporate wording. Also known as creative translation, transcreation is aimed at engaging end customers directly, conveying the emotions and corporate attributes of the source language in the target languages. When we translate corporate and marketing content for luxury brands, we make sure that we stay consistent with the global products and brand identity and that our wording is accurate for the local target audience. Customers' insights vary from one location to another. In the digital era, this means conveying a unified multi-channel experience with locally adapted and engaging content. Such content helps re-direct customers to the point of sale with advanced features such as product availability.